4BagsBoxes Wholesale Custom Foldable Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are high end packaging products,rigid boxes offer elegant,luxurious and quality way to package your high value products and gift items. Because rigid boxes have very strong construction,luxury looking and distinctive feeling. Rigid boxes are made of heavy duty paper board,it is the reason why rigid boxes are very strong–usually strong construction will add more quality feeling.And rigid boxes were wrapped by various paper,it is easy to create personalized,colorful,stylish,distinctive looking,so rigid boxes are elegant,luxurious methods to package products and gift items. But rigid boxes need more space to store and more freight to transport.Sometime retail business do need a large space to store rigid boxes.

How to get luxurious and quality packaging boxes without large space?

In fact foldable rigid boxes are great alternate, foldable rigid box combine the advantage of rigid box and folding box into one–foldable rigid box are made of the same material as rigid boxes,but foldable rigid boxes have collapsible construction,,all foldable rigid boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,wrapped by different paper, and foldable rigid boxes have cut cut line at corners that can fold box into flat,with stickers,it is easy to assemble into rigid box when take off stickers. Foldable rigid boxes are great as cosmetic boxes,presentation gift boxes,gift card boxes apparel boxes,wine boxes,shoe boxes,gift boxes and more ends.Custom design can be printed on wrapped paper then cover on boxes, so foldable rigid boxes are not only as high end packaging boxes,but also as promotional tool to advertise business and add more quality confidence and value into products.

Where to buy and wholesale foldable rigid boxes?

4BagsBoxes is one stop place to buy and wholesale foldable rigid boxes,custom printed foldable rigid boxes.

As foldable rigid boxes manufacturer,4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing custom made foldable rigid boxes and wholesale foldable rigid boxes.As reputable manufacturer,4BagsBoxes have great experience to produce foldable rigid boxes with low cost,it is the reason why you can buy cheap foldable rigid boxes from 4BagsBoxes. 4BagsBoxes provide wide range of paper board,wrapped paper,print finish and closure way to build quality foldable rigid boxes coming in any size.We can print your logo and image on boxes,even if you want to highlight your logo,add more luxurious feel,we can offer hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish to print your logo.When you are looking for foldable rigid boxes,go to 4BagsBoxes, you can find below custom made foldable rigid boxes.
1 Foldable Kraft Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo And Magnet Closure
This box is made of recycled kraft paper board,covered box by recycled kraft paper,one color printing for custom logo on top of box, hinged lid with flap and magnetic closure,folding line at corners with stickers-that is easy to peel off and glue box.
2 Foldable Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo And Ribbon Closure
This box is made of 1200g paper board,covered by matt laminated art paper with full color printing for custom logo on top of box,hinged lid with flap and ribbon closure,with die cut folding lines at corners and stickers,

Detail information please go 4BagsBoxes

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