Two Piece Rigid Boxes With Custom Printing From 4BagsBoxes

Two Piece Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo
Two Piece Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo

This is rigid box,it is two piece construction with base and lift off lid,this rigid box is made of 1000g chipboard,covered box by special paper,custom logo printed on top lid of box,black lining.

This rigid box is made by 4BagsBoxes. 4BagsBoxes is manufacturer of rigid boxes.

Rigid boxes are great as high end packaging boxes as well as promotional too. Because rigid boxes have strong construction, that can offer good protection, and add more quality and luxurious looking, meanwhile with custom printing,rigid boxes can become keepsake after use,so rigid boxes can advertise business long time.

Another advantage of rigid boxes is that rigid boxes can come in any size,color and shape to fit different ends. So rigid boxes are great as cosmetic boxes,jewelry boxes,apparel boxes,shoe boxes,retail boxes,wine boxes,candle boxes,presentation boxes,hamper boxes.

Rigid boxes have so many styles,Two piece rigid box is popular style of rigid boxes,it have base and lift off lid, it is easy to close and open.And this style box can be made by machine to reduce cost.

When you are looking for two piece rigid boxes,4BagsBoxes is good place.

4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes,Importantly 4BagsBoxes can print custom design,logo and image on rigid boxes,4BagsBoxes  also can print logo on rigid boxes by hot stamping,embossing,spot uv. And there is no minimum run limit to print custom logo on rigid boxes at 4BagsBoxes.

4BagsBoxes provide wide range of chipboard,wrapped paper,print finish to build personalized two piece rigid boxes,all two piece rigid boxes are customized as your desire.

Detail please go 4BagsBoxes

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