Custom Made Foldable Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo From 4BagsBoxes

Foldable rigid boxes with hot stamping logo
Foldable rigid boxes with hot stamping logo

This is foldable rigid box, it is made of 1200g chipboard,wrapped box by art paper with matt lamination,black color printing,flood entire box,feature with gold hot stamping + embossing logo and spot uv pattern.

This foldable box is made by 4BagsBoxes

4BagsBoxes is manufacture of foldable rigid boxes and collapsible rigid boxes.

Foldable Rigid Boxes have become more and more popular, because foldable rigid boxes have elegant and quality looking,great as high end packaging boxes,as well as foldable rigid boxes have collapsible construction,the advantage of foldable rigid boxes is that foldable rigid box have strong construction when assemble and it can save space and freight.

These collapsible (foldable) rigid boxes have a lot of advantages;

  • Hand made: Hand finished to ensure a perfect finish and to give a luxury feel.
  • Self-adhesive taps: You can assemble the box just in a second without an extra effort and you save time.
  • Collapsible (foldable): You pay less for transport as they are flat packed and you do not need an extra space in your store or warehouse.

When you are looking for custom printed foldable rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes,4BagsBoxes is perfect place to buy them with cheap price.

As foldable rigid boxes manufacturer,4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing custom made foldable rigid boxes.

4BagsBoxes provide wide range of material, wrapped paper,printing,closure method to build personalized foldable boxes to fit any end. meanwhile 4BagsBoxes can print custom logo on foldable boxes by printing,hot stamping,embossing and spot uv varnish.

Detail please go 4BagsBoxes


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