Black Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon From 4BagsBoxes

Black Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon
Black Foldable Gift Boxes With Ribbon

This is foldable rigid gift box, this box is made of heavyweight chipboard,wrapped box by matt laminated art paper,black color flood printing entire box,with grosgrain ribbon closure.

This gift box is made by 4BagsBoxes. As gift boxes manufacturer,4BagsBoxes manufacture and wholesale foldable gift boxes,foldable rigid gift boxes.

Rigid gift boxes usually have strong construction,rigid gift boxes are known as high end packaging boxes for high value products and gift items.Rigid gift boxes offer strong protection as well as add more value and quality feeling into inside package.But rigid gift boxes need more space and freight to storage and transport.

Foldable rigid gift box combine the advantages of rigid gift box and folding paper box together–foldable rigid gift box has the same looking and feeling as rigid gift boxes,but foldable gift box comes in flat to save space and freight, when assembled,foldable rigid gift box offers strong protection with luxurious and elegant methods.

When you are looking for cheap foldable gift boxes, 4BagsBoxes is perfect place.

As foldable gift boxes manufacturer,4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing foldable rigid boxes, It is the reason why 4BagsBoxes van wholesale wide range of foldable gift boxes with cheap price. At 4BagsBoxes,foldable gift boxes come in so many colors-such as black,white,gold,silver and more.Those foldable gift boxes have ribbon closure or magnetic closure, and 4BagsBoxes  can print custom logo on foldable gift boxes.

Detail please go 4BagsBoxes

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