4BagsBoxes Wholesale Custom Recycled Kraft Bags With Flat Handle

flat handle recycled kraft bags

Kraft paper bags are made of different kraft paper–including recycled kraft paper with various weight and color, so those kraft bags can be called their name based on what kraft paper they used–such as brown kraft paper,white kraft paper bags and recycled kraft paper—because they are made of recycled kraft paper. The characteristic of recycled kraft paper bags is that recycled kraft bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, so recycled kraft bags are great as eco friendly shopping bags.
When you are looking for eco friendly recycled kraft shopping bags, where to wholesale bulk custom printed recycled kraft paper with cheap price?

4BagsBoxes is one stop place!
As paper bags manufacturer, 4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing recycled kraft bags,recycled kraft bags with twisted handle,recycled kraft bags with flat handle and recycled kraft bags with rope handle.
Paper Bags Shop can print custom logo on recycled kraft bags for your branding. With custom printing, your recycled kraft bags are not only s eco friendly shopping bags, but also as advertisement to state more green message for business.

This is recycled kraft bag, it is made of 100g recycled kraft paper,with cmyk full color printing, flat handle glued at top of bag.
This recycled kraft bag is made by 4BagsBoxes.

This bags size is 8x4x10″, and its price is USD$0.06/pc ( 10,000pcs)

4BagsBoxes can manufacture custom printed flat handle recycled kraft bags without run limit.

Detail please send email to info@wholesale-paper-bags.com

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