Custom Made Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes With Custom Printing And Insert

Rigid Boxes are called “rigid” boxes for a reason. They’re strong, durable and non-collapsible which offers protection for your products. Candles, medical supplies, glassware, and candy are more items that are often packaged in Rigid Boxes. When you’re looking for protection, a Rigid Box is the way to go. Standard Rigid Boxes at are made of 1200g paperboard. For added strength, we can use up to 2000g paperboard, and we can make them stronger, still, with board lamination. Be sure to tell us what type of product you’ll be putting in the box. We can suggest what weight of paper board to choose.
Now rigid boxes have become more and more popular, The reason is simple; Rigid Boxes offer elegance, and elegance never goes out of style. A Rigid Box lets your customer know that something special is inside, and assures them they are buying a quality product. Because of their durability and elegance, customers often keep, save and re-use rigid boxes. When your company logo or name is printed or foil stamped on the exterior, it increases the time in which your customers, and others, see it. For this reason, they are an excellent branding and marketing tool.
Nothing says quality product like quality packaging. Rigid Boxes have no rough edges, no tabs to tuck or insert. They are sleek, uniform, and resilient, even after many openings. Our Rigid Boxes are individually checked for quality so that every box you receive is as perfect as the next.
There is no tooling cost involved with Rigid Boxes. That makes them more affordable than you may think. Why spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on dies for other types of packaging? This also makes them ideal for the customer who does low volume ordering. Why spend more on tooling than you do on the boxes?
No assembly required. No one spends countless minutes or even hours fumbling with folding and assembling. Labor costs for packing your products will be remarkably reduced. However, because they’re fully assembled.

Without even realizing it, you have surely seen Rigid Boxes everywhere. Your last pair of shoes was probably packaged in a rigid Box. Games, puzzles, jewelry, candles, business cards, stationery, and clothing apparel are just a few other products usually packaged in rigid boxes.
As packaging boxes manufacturer, 4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes. We can wraps the paper of your choice around a base and lid to give you an elegant, yet durable package for your products. Paper choices are endless; from plain white to solid colors to patterns. You may also choose a foil or holographic paper style. You may choose smooth or embossed, matte or high gloss. You may even choose to leave your boxes unwrapped. You may want the lid to go all the way down the base. Or you may only want the lid to go down an inch. Somewhere in between? Yes, we can do that too.
We can also use your art work to print anything you’d like on your boxes, or we can foil stamp your logo. Be sure to contact with us about these options and more. At 4BagsBoxes, we match your vision to our talent to make your Rigid Boxes as unique or as standard as you wish.

The advantage of rigid boxes is that rigid boxes are strong to protect any products and gift item, but also flexible at size and shape, rigid boxes can come in any size,shape with various styles such as two piece rigid boxes with lift off lid, three piece rigid boxes with lift off lid,neck/shoulder and base,slipcase,drawer boxes and more.

Hinged lid rigid boxes are popular styles of rigid boxes. 4BagsBoxes is specialist of rigid boxes, 4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing hinged lid rigid boxes. 4BagsBoxes can print any color of custom logo and image on hinged lid rigid boxes, and offer wide range of material, wrapped paper and closure methods to build customized hinged lid rigid boxes and 4BagsBoxes also provide custom insert.

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