12x8x12″ Flat Handle Recycled Kraft Bags With Custom Printed Logo

flat handle recycled kraft bags

This is flat handle recycled kraft bag with printed logo, this bag is made of 100g recycled kraft paper with flat paper handle, two color printing for custom logo on two sides of bag.Its size is 12x8x12″, and its price is USD$0.05/pc

This flat handle kraft paper bag is made by 4BagsBoxes.

As manufacturer of paper bags, 4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing kraft paper bags, recycled kraft bags. All recycled kraft paper bags can come in any styles such as twisted handle recycled kraft bags, flat handle recycled kraft bags,rope handle recycled kraft bags. Those recycled kraft bags from 4BagsBoxes are great as eco friendly shopping bags, promotional bags, food bags, take away bags.

4BagsBoxes can make recycled kraft paper bags with customized sizes, such as this bag, it has wide gusset, great as take away bags. And 4BagsBoxes can print custom logo and image on bags without run limit. Even if you just need 200pcs flat handle recycled kraft bags with your logo, 4BagsBoxes can produce them for you.

Detail please go 4BagsBoxes

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