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High quality packaging boxes are not only to offer good protection for any products and gift items, but also great to add more value and quality confidence into brand and products.
Rigid boxes are the best choice as high end packaging boxes. Personalized custom rigid boxes are custom boxes that are unique and attractive, yet functional.Rigid boxes ranges from simple boxes that are great for holding industrial parts to fancy presentation gift boxes. Most aspects of your rigid box will be hand produced. Any of the paper used to make our other quality products can be used to make your rigid box. Your paper can be plain, theme, patterned, foil with various texture. Custom graphics, such as a logo or photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on any paper that is wrapped on a rigid box. Your options are endless, so contact to get all the options available.

As rigid boxes manufacturer, 4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes, all rigid boxes can be customized easily coming in any size,color and shape with various styles. Usually popular styles of rigid boxes including two piece rigid boxes with lift off lid, hinged lid rigid boxes,shoulder rigid boxes,slipcase, drawer boxes and more.

Two piece rigid boxes are a name of class, innovation and distinction and here at Gift Box Mart, we know exactly that. Do you want two piece boxes that add grandeur to your products and still safeguard the precious products inside? We have just what you need! We facilitate your every requirement from initial quote to the product shipping from fore front and ensure the two piece boxes fulfill all your needs. From the day you request an instant quote from the quote engine on our website, our product specialists’ spring into action to get all your queries answered. Our price estimators provide a complete breakdown of prices for required custom two piece boxes and ensure you get the lowest costs while giving maximum value. We have been serving the commercial entities and individuals with customized two piece boxes from over two decades now due to our strict quality standard. Our no minimum order quantity limit lets you order boxes in any quantity, whether you need wholesale boxes or as low as 20, we have facility to cater to all box quantities and give equal preference to all of them. Being a experienced company and through our association with leading courier services, we facilitate our customers in all over world with free shipping of boxes and still provide the short lead time of just 24 business days.

Create the Custom Two Piece Rigid Boxes You Need Quickly & Easily. A two-piece rigid box is a high end product packaging box made from cardboard or rigid material. These boxes can be manufactured in a variety of configurations to fulfill a range of purposes such as cardboard two piece boxes to enclose shirts, rigid two-piece setup boxes to offer jewelry gifts and promotional items, or window two piece boxes for exhibiting the contents packed inside. We offer to make all your customization dreams come true with a plethora of choices and custom made two piece boxes that are manufactured to your exact specifications. To get started on your custom project, specify the custom dimensions in which you want these boxes to be manufactured. Then, pick the add-ons, embellishments, decorative attachments, and finishing choice for your tailor-made two-piece box to make it a unique insignia that speaks for your brand. Available options include precisely cut foam inserts for a perfect fit, ribbon pulls for sleeve style two-piece boxes, die cut windows to display the item packed inside, and many more. When all this is done, book the number of tailor-made two piece boxes you require

without paying anything for the delivery.Explore durable and stylish packaging options especially sorted for two piece boxes to induce luxury in your ordinary products.

From providing classic presentation to your portfolios, gifts and apparel products custom designed two piece rigid boxes can add exceptional value to your promotional as well as retail merchandise. Find a large array of options handpicked by product specialists of Gift Box Mart that enable you to build two -piece setup boxes with best possible choices whether it’s the size, shape, color, addition of shoulders, or the artwork selection, you can personalize them till your satisfaction to achieve better sales. Avail the best from our trained packaging experts who present you the finest stock to choose from. Select SBS paperboard to easily print text and images, pick non-bendable rigid material perfect for corporate gift packaging or choose sturdy cardboard with embellishing ribbons for a beautiful gift presentation. Think of an add-on and we will apply it on your custom two-piece box for an elegant and glamorous packaging solution. Top up your boxes with stylish inserts, foam cavities, compartments, and custom partitions to create a luxury setup box for jewelry, vape hardware, shields, and for makeup & shaving kits. These boxes will give an unforgettable unboxing experience to your customers and add tremendous appeal to your product. Still not convinced? Get access to a wide assortment of choices for printing as well, go with hot stamping, metallic foiling, embossing and debossing, or engrave your brand logo on the lid of the two-piece box to show your trademark with elegance.Find tailored packaging solutions that provide practical approach to two piece box manufacturing Here, at Gift Box Mart, we believe in making things happen practically than claiming them and not implementing them. This approach is being made possible through special policies that have been made by our experienced sales representatives and market analysts for your ease and worry-free journey. Each of our policy is targeted to provide you the utmost best experience when you get your two piece boxes manufactured from us. From ideation to the shipment, these specifically crafted rules and guidelines mentioned below are made to exceed your expectations of box manufacturing. You get:Accurately sized boxes: When it comes to a beautiful looking two piece box, size matters! Get your boxes manufactured in the exact size of your product for a perfect fit and impressive looks by taking advantage of our custom manufacturing policy that enables us to create practically any possible size you want. Plus, the size of upper lid, neck and base are precisely made to make a box that will make your product look gorgeous.100% eco-friendly and recyclable boxes: With an in-house printing facility that is compliant to international environment conservation standards, the boxes you get will be made by following eco-friendly techniques and equipment. Additionally, the material used for manufacturing is 100% biodegradable allowing an easy and environment-friendly process for recycling.Quality check: With 4BagsBoxes, the boxes you get will have the premium quality. Strict quality check has been set by us and our quality control department under supervision of certified inspectors go through every box to ensure only the superb quality two piece boxes are sent to you. Multi-step quality check procedure ensures no material pigmentation, printing errors or structural defects are ignored or sent to you!No order limit: Take advantage of our no minimum order quantity policy to order the boxes in the exact quantity you need. Don’t get restricted by box count and get them in your desired quantity. Short run or wholesale orders, both are handled equally without an effect on quality.Fastest turnaround time: Experience the fastest turnaround time of just 2 weeks with 4BagsBoxes. The whole process from the day you give go ahead for production to the day your boxes are delivered to your doorsteps, the whole production process won’t take longer than 14 business days to complete, guaranteed!

Reflect Uniqueness with Custom Two Piece Rigid Boxes Designed To Your Specification and Impress Customers Looking for sales, promotional, gift boxes, or retail packaging that speaks premium in the hands of recipients and on shelves? Stylishly designed custom two piece boxes are the perfect choice for you that give a top-quality look to any product packaged inside, whether to be displayed on retail shelves or presenting to someone as a gift. These boxes create exceptional value, enhance brand recognition and give a professional look to your product. Need help? Have one-on-one talk with our expert customer support staff member to get cost-effective solutions, make your boxes more enticing, and learn of different ways by which you can save maximum amount to provide the exposure your product deserves. Give a unique presentation to your products by browsing and carefully choosing from our ever-popular range of shapes like cube and rectangular with unique opening and closing styles like slipcase and shoulder necks that fits your product like a glove. Therefore, seal the deal by selecting whatever suits your needs the best and give your customers and gift recipients an amazing unboxing experience. Still not satisfied and want to design the boxes as per your own requirements? Acquire free assistance from our experienced designers and get complete control of the whole designing process, bring your ideas to life to ensure you get the most competitive edge in the market and make your brand stand out. You can also get product-specific design ideas for the boxes from them and give a marvelous first impression whilst intriguing, informing and even helping you create a customer base of a lifetime.Make a perfect buying decision and see how much you can save by getting instant price quote from us and comparing it with other box suppliers in the market, because letting you save more and expand your brand image more is our ambition. This is the reason we, as a manufacturer, provide all-inclusive wholesale pricing for your boxes because we care about doing our best in letting you achieve your marketing goals that puts your message upfront and give you a professional look. If you are not impressed, how can be your targeted audience? Procure production grade samples of your adroitly designed boxes and be sure about the boxes in which you are investing because only a well-manufactured box with perfect and flawless prints can help you entice your audience and promote yourself among them. Can’t afford to waste any time? Get the boxes delivered right where you want in a timely manner and with absolutely no hidden or additional charges with our free shipping services. Thus, enabling you to get the boxes exactly when you want whilst keeping your expenses to the lowest.

Rigid boxes are a common type of packaging boxes, usually deployed for premium or luxury products. 4BagsBoxes is one of the most reputable and professional rigid box making company in retail packaging and gift packaging industry. 4BagsBoxes are fully equipped with fully automatic rigid boxes making lines. BoxBagPack can make boxes in different shapes and with different wrapped paper like Art Paper,premium speciality paper and kraft paper to offer distinctive looking. A Rigid Box can be produced by manual hand made process or by modern machines that will be based on order quantity . Different semi-automatic and fully automatic lines are available to assemble them. A large market of rigid boxes still relies on manual or handmade boxes. Reason for the matter is their limited production, so not to have boxes in bulk and auto lines of rigid boxes are too expensive to buy. They are mostly used in Gift box packaging, Cell phone packaging, customized bakery and chocolate products, cosmetic and fashion industry, expensive branded designers clothes etc.

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