Rigid Boxes

custom rigid boxes
custom rigid boxes

Retail packaging is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. The right package will artistically highlight your product, further your company’s branding, and keep your items safe and secure. In the retail environment, your package often catches the buyer’s eye long before he notices the functionality or quality of your product. Don’t neglect this critical part of your production. Turn to a professional company–4BagsBoxes  that can make sure you’re using the right approach for every item in your inventory.

4BagsBoxes specialize in manufacturing retail packaging products including paper bags,gift boxes.Rigid boxes are main line of 4BagsBoxes.

Clients looking to make their mark with their packaging, work with 4BagsBoxes to design and produce elegant and premium rigid boxes in a variety of styles.

Rigid boxes, also called setup boxes or gift boxes, are comprised of thick-gauged chipboard that is wrapped and hidden with a high quality printed and finished paper delivering a finished appearance. These unique boxes engage customers’ interests and add tremendous value to the products stored inside.

Customers commonly reuse rigid boxes after they have purchased your product, providing opportunities to leave a lasting impression for your brand.

When you are looking for quality rigid boxes,4BagsBoxes is one stop place.Because 4BagsBoxes have so many advantages as following:


Printing and Finishing Options

4BagsBoxes design and production teams provide innovative and creative possibilities in the finished appearance that distinguish brands and make rigid boxes truly stand out.

The inner and outer liners can be produced using many different types of paper and fabric substrates, while the graphics can be produced using any of our print processes, including offset, screen and digital. We can emboss and foil stamp to deliver texture and distinguishing embellishments that define your brand. Ultimately, if you can imagine the possibilities, we work with you to make them happen.


Boxes used for retail products, known as rigid boxes or color boxes, are essential to a successful product. The box design needs to stand out on the shelves and provide basic information about the product. The quality of the box is how a lot of consumers will judge the quality of the product inside. 4BagsBoxes specializes in the design and manufacturing of rigid boxes for electronics, accessories, cosmetics apparel,shoe,presentation and more.


Manufacturing a total solution from a single source is more efficient. Benefits include:




4BagsBoxes look at the aggregate material costs to reduce the total Bill of Materials cost. Premium materials are more expensive so it is critical how they interact with other materials in the design. We are able to reduce some material costs to allow for additional costs for other materials. We also deliver a more finished package to the factories and help them to lower their labor cost to the customer. There are many ways in which we are able to help customers save in Cost.You can get competitive price from 4BagsBoxes no matter how many rigid boxes you order.




Speed to market is critical. 4BagsBoxes save time throughout the development and design and also all along the manufacturing process. We are in total control of the manufacturing process to assure gauranteed delivery during peak season. Fast turnaround is the advantage of 4BagsBoxes to produce rigid boxes.




Working with one company ensures you won’t have fitting problems and decreases the chances of damages occurring. Plus, we can handle the transportation between locations.




As a full-service packaging solution, we will be responsible for handling every aspect of quality control, and when a problem occurs, we solve it fast.

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